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Umbrella Events was created with the objective of providing comprehensive packages for perfect events for diverse audiences, all under one umbrella.
We acquired vast experience of knowing what works and how to best accomplish the task. Umbrella Events added value provides creative solutions, from the simplest idea to the most complex vision.

We take the time to fully understand our customer's needs and establish together the nature of the event so that all expectations are met.

​​Our company is proud to have been able over the years to be involved with leading key- figures also in the field of economy, which has its major advantages towards the fulfillment of successful and memorable events. 

We are the ultimate outsourcing to manage & produce any of your events, from A-Z.

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All solutions for your event

under one Umbrella

So let's get acquainted


Founder and owner of Umbrella Events. Produces and manages projects in Israel and abroad for more than 15 years. Anya's expertise excels in producing conferences for the business sector. She understands the complexity of any business occurrence and knows how to connect all the pieces into a successful event that will keep its participants we a fond memory for a long time


Anya is also an artist and designer – a quality that guarantees to paint your event with a very unique touch that will highlight the branding of your business and convey very clearly the message throughout the event.


Anya is fluent in Hebrew, Russian and English.


With natural charm and strong people skills, Eveline manages the Customer relation's department, focusing mainly on the International projects.

Fluent in several languages and able to communicate goals and ideas effectively, she  is an initiator and consultant for events, putting upfront her worldwide networking of contacts established over the last 30 years as well as her experience in managing international conferences in Israel and abroad.


Eveline is proficient in 5 languages: English, French, Hebrew, German and Dutch. Currently studying Arabic


Thanks to his talent in paying attention to every detail in the chain of event producing, Tom managed to reach senior positions in the event industry.


Whilst you are engaging with your guests, Tom will manage a whole team, especially supervising each supplier with a strict emphasis on high standard procedures.


Tom will help you to create your dream event and ensure it is applied at its best.

Having Tom onboard means having peace of mind at your event.


Tom is fluent in Hebrew and English

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